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It wasn't until his mid-30's, and after his second divorce that (now) world-renowned marriage therapist Dr. John Gottman asked himself, "Hmm...I wonder what role I might be playing in the endings of these relationships?"

His curiosity, courage, and ownership in that question alone demonstrates the high level of healthy (not perfect) modeling it takes to transform a single man into a Chief Emotion Officer in a committed relationship. As a man, the personal responsibility John took at that time (and continues taking today) in the lifelong pursuit of this answer, ultimately lead him to his best friend, business partner and love of his life, Dr. Julie Gottman. Together, the Gottman's are able to predict marital success at a 94% accuracy rate in about 15 minutes, simply based on how a couple responds to a hot-button topic (like sex or finances, for example). 

Their latest book, Eight Dates (2019) , is an easy and powerful read, especially for confidence while dating seriously in the digital age. It is the culmination of 40 years of the Gottman's relationship research and workshops with 50,000 couples built on the science of trust. It's your smart manual for a lifetime of love, adventure, and fun.